Is he cheating on me?

Ok. My boyfriend swears he's never been to a massage spa or will never be to one. I just found a receipt and a package on his shelf while looking for some stuff. He apparently went and got himself a massage back in July and I was visiting home at that time.
I wouldn't have problem if he is a kind of person that'd say he'd get a massage. But he always says, "I don't want a stranger touching me" and things like that... he got a neck, shoulder and leg massage apparently. He loves it when I give him a massage but he never lets me touch his upper legs, he says it's ticklish and here he is going to a spa and getting a leg massage.
I don't want to overreact to this but the fact that he lied about going to a massage place and this package I found makes me wonder if he's cheating on me. And on the survey, inside the package, there are two names and I am assuming there were two women that gave him the massage.
Help me pls... I don't know what to think!!! Our first year anniversary is in about a month... and I love this guy...
Is he cheating on me?
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