Why would a man want to be with a woman that has 4 kids and each of those 4 kids have different daddys?

My 27 year old brother is dating this 31 year old woman that has 4 children and this kids have different father what does that tell you from a woman if she told you straight up. I know I none of my business and that my brother is an adult but me as a sister I want my brother to have the best. He recently just move in with her and my family and I aren't happy with his decision. That woman is going to use my brother as her atm to feed her fucking basters. She try to be friends with me but I don't want a whore as a sister in law. I'm really angry at my brother for not giving my 22 going on 23 year old best friend from high school a chance she has a degree in business know whats she wants in life and goals his decision is disappointing. I was a young child when I heard my grandma say you can't turn a hoe into a housewife and she is so right. My brother once his broke that skank is done with him she knows that I don't like her. Guys when it comes to choosing a woman as your partner would you still be with her even if she has children from different baby daddys? What are your toughts about this kind of woman?


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  • lol, your brother must not be much of a catch if her's willing to put up with that BS, and yeah i can see why you'd be concerned. But it's his life, not much you can do about it.


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  • She might actually love him, guys can't see clearly sometimes when a girl loves us especially when we are young

    • But let me ask you a few questions. would you be interested in dating a girl that has babies with different man. Would you be ok if your woman has sex with every guy in the past?

    • No but I'm almost thirty, when I was 13 I was hitting on my babysitter who had 2 kids

  • LMAO no, no, no! "That woman is going to use my brother as her atm to feed her fucking basters." well said! Then she will most likely get him to father another bastard, then kick him out take the kid and sue him for alimony/child support.

    Most likely she gave it up easy, and is a natural liar, manipulator.


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