I am doomed by online dating? Girls are into me in real life, but reject online/Tinder?

Also the girls who knows me in real, after seeing my profile on social media lose interets in me. Why?


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  • Well I need to see your social media in order to properly evaluate the situation


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  • You probably look worse in pics and/or your bio sucks.
    I have a similar issue. I get more attention on real life than on Tinder. I think it's a combination of not being photogenic, not having a good bio, and having a better personality in person. Sometimes it's difficult to show who you truly are through texting.

    • But some of them saw me in real life. So they know how I look.

    • Yeah, but it depends on how much they interact with you online compared to in real life.

  • Because they don't like what you do/how you act on social media.

    • I don't look good on photos. But i don't do anything embarassing on FB. Maybe old posts/photos for many years, but it isn't actual.