He FELL for me and then.. he ghosted. Technically, his sister got into a car crash but you'd think he'd text back. Will I hear from him?

Okay so here's some background on this whole mess:
- we met on Tinder. He's 27, fit, salt & pepper beard, has a dog, is a doctor (busy busy)
- we had a date for drinks and then he ghosted me.
- we awkwardly passed by each other in real life, and the guy smiles at me
- we text and he says he withdrew from a lot of things because his brother got into a car crash. (keep in mind the chances of him lying are slim (he seems very genuine. very))
- he asks me if i would be willing to go for drinks with him again. I say sure why not. He starts giving me a huge round of compliments on how hot I am in person and that he's sorry he didn't say anything when we bumped into each other - his head was not in the right space. He smiled because he thought I was sexy
- go on the date. Very obvious he likes me and wants to impress me. We talk and have SO much in common, chemistry is amazing, (no awkward lulls) we vibe. Then he wants to take me to dessert, we go, it's closed, end up at a club - have one more drink. (both buzzednot drunk) We have more amazing conversations, his eyes light up, he kisses my cheek and my forehead when I say something cute, holds my hand - it's all very sweet. He comes to my place, wetalk, makeout, and in the morning he makes me breakfast. He tells me how mature and confident sexy I am. Spends time looking at me and smiling. He's REALLY happy (and so am I). While making breakfast he asks me if I want to come to his place for our next date and he'll bring out some wine, I can meet his dog and we can watch a movie I like. I say yes. we text after that 1st date, it's all great. Then I text him Saturday - no response. Then he texts me (also on Saturday) saying he's so sorry he hasn't been messaging me - sister got into a work related accident. Been a crazy month for his fam. After that text - nothing. It's been 5/6 days. I texted him that I hope he's okay, what's going on, and would like to see him again. :/ Is this guy ghosting me or will he text me back?

HE LIED (ugh)


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  • Well you did your part, all you have to do is wait now. You'll get the answer you're looking for soon.

    • sorry, but at least it ended very quickly and you didn't invest any more of your emotions which would have made it worse

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  • I don't trust him. But I guess give him the benefit of the doubt. Wait 3 days and don't text or call him. If he doesn't make any effort then that's it walk away.

    • Yeah my bff doesn't trust him either. It's just so weird since he was clearly super interested in me and at times blown away (not to sound conceited - just was really noticeable). I'm going to take your advice! Hopefully he gets back to me. I'll update this in a few days :)

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  • You met on Tinder. Enough said.

    Tinder is a hookup site. So if you aren't looking for a hookup there, people ghost you.

    • He told me from the get go he want's a relationship and we talked about how we both hate hookup culture ! (also I met tons of people on their who wanted relationships haha)

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    • He thought I wanted a hookup or something casual so he made the point of saying he's looking for a relationship before we even started talking! I can tell when someone's trying to hook up with me haha and that was not it. But I get your concern!

    • But if he didn't want to "hookup" thn why did he hookup with you after the club? Hm.. After all he doesn't mind so much the hookup thing and since he vanished it looks weird now

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  • He sounds like a guy but you did meet him on Tinder. I hate to break it to you but a lot of the men you meet on these dating sites are dating around with a lot of other women besides you. They may see you on Sunday and during the days he is not seeing you with other women he may be interested in. He is a single man, and is dating around. So dont get caught up on him just being lovey dovey to you and telling you what you want to hear.

  • He's playing games. Sounds like he has issues. Forget about him

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