Another 'nice guy' thread... but with a non mentioned theory?

Guys including my friend complain that women don't like 'nice men'. Both genders like someone who is attractive physically and who also has a good personality (in their perspective). Women can be 'wooed' by men who may be very outgoing/funny. Anyways my point is... I think the really nice men who are having no luck are most likely either average or below attractive wise. I think being not so good looking as a male encourages you to be more nice to make up for it.
Which brings me to the point that women want men for their looks just as much... but those men who are on a similar level looks wise are often the 'douche bags'... perhaps because a lot of women pursue them/give them attention (a big ego results in a douche bag personality most of the time). Of course not every good looking male is a douche bag and not even unattractive guy is nice... but I think there is some truth to it.
Lastly, I think some of these men are too nice and are thus boring. And being too nice in the bedroom i can imagine being less enjoyable for women. So are nice men doomed? No... do they need to 'man up'... no... they just need to focus less on them being so nice and gentlemen like and be more interesting/unpredictable.
But there are of course good looking men, who are nice, with a funny personality but what is stopping them is them being shy. I have had women give me 'looks' on trains etc but I never had the balls to look them in the eye and smile... maybe I am fairly average and all men at some point experience this often (they may not pick up on it)... for shy men you are screwed unless you change your ways or come across a fellow shy friend of a friend.

I may be completely wrong, let me know what you all think anyways.
Another 'nice guy' thread... but with a non mentioned theory?
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