My first date with a guy from Bumble? Should I text him?

First off, I parked and we walked in at the same time. He hugged me and we went in, we got the ice cream and he didn't pay for mine. Even the worker was like hesitant that we weren't together... mine was like $3 and I honestly couldn't believe he didn't pay...
But anyways we sat down, talking was fine, it was good. There were some laughs, some awkward silence and looks, but the convo flowed alright.
Towards the end, I asked him if he's been dating much, he legit told me he goes on dates a couple times a WEEK...
He said they usually are bad, he was sort of embarrassed and laughing talking about it... but he said they just never go anywhere and he said maybe it's him, he doesn't know. He said "I'm sort of a serial dater"
... I just played it off cool like oh okay, he asked me if I have been dating and I said eh sort of, hasn't been a huge priority since I'm just getting settled here, but starting to open up to the idea.
So we talked more, then it was 10PM and I was like well! Should we head out? So we got up and walked out, he asked where I parked, I pointed and he gave me a hug, said it was nice to meet me, get home safe, I said you too have a good night. That was that.
In your opinion how did the date go, and should I expect him to text me? Our connection before the date was so good through texting and I could see us clicking more together, but I guess I'm not sure...
I should wait to see if he reaches out, right?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Lol, I don't know why you couldn't believe that he didn't pay. This is the problem with all that, I'm always happy to pay for a girl provided she doesn't expect me to pay. I hate doing things for people if they expect me to do it. I don't expect her to do anything for me and I look for the same in her. And it's for that reason that I'll never pay on the first date because I don't owe her anything and she doesn't owe me anything.

    But other than that, if you want to text him then text him. If you don't really care either way then don't and see if he texts you. It's really up to you. It sounded like you guys had an alright time, but if he's seeing other girls then there could be some competition. But don't worry about any of that.


What Girls Said 1

  • I'd say the date was sub par. It sounds like you felt like you connected but maybe were lacking the spark. And never expect the other person to pay... it's a nice gesture, but as long as the two of you pay for your own stuff, that's good. Ask yourself this based off of everything that has happened so far... could you see yourself being with this guy a year from now? And can he give you what you want? Cause if you answer no to either of those questions, he's really not worth your time and devotion. His thing may be that he's just perfectly happy being a serial dater.