Is it okay to get my girlfriend a gift card for christmas?

My girlfriend is very good at picking out gifts for people. Every gift she has gotten me I loved and use a lot. Me on the other hand, I'm not so great at picking out gifts. So my method is getting what I already know she wants, by simply asking her what she would like.

The problem is that she has a bad habit of not using the things I get her. For example I got her a purse and she has used it twice. Her excuse is that it's a purse only for dressed up occasions. I got her a pair of nike shoes that she was begging for for months and she hasn't worn them once, she tells me 6 months later that she hasn't worn them because the size is a little small and she doesn't want them to get dirty. I got her another pair of shoes which she wore once and then told me months later she doesn't like the color. I got her an apple watch that she kept asking for and she hasn't even set it up. She told me it's because she has art class twice a week and doesn't want it to get dirty.

This year for Christmas she has asked me to get her a pair of shoes. She promised me that she would wear these shoes a lot. Would it be wrong to get her a gift card instead?


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  • yea totally😋 she will love you even more 😍


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  • I mean, if you do get her a card, you need to get her something else because if you get her only a card shell think you put no effort into getting g her a gift and that may no friend well for the relationship

    • I would get her the shoes just to be warned within g else that's small to show extra thought a

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