I asked him to hang out on my birthday when he doesn't wanna see me at all...please help!

this is kind of embarrassing but me and my FWB broke up like a month ago cause we argued too much. we got in a huge fight yesterday but then we ended up on the phone for an hour because I explained to him how stressed out I was and he was trying to help me feel better, nice, and understanding. he told me he will be my friend but he isn't ready to hang out yet because he will just want to have sex with me and it wasn't working before so it can't happen again. he got mad and hung up but then I sent him a text later on last night explaining that I'm pushing so much for him to hang out with me because I need him as a friend because I lost all my other friends, and especially right now because my b day is in a few days and I want him to go to the movies with me as friends cause its all I wanna do on my b day and I just want a good day for once. he never responded.. but he never said no. what should I do? I thought he'd say yes just because he'd feel bad.. would you say no?


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  • Him not answering means he is probably thinking about it. Plus you should never want someone to hang with you out of pity, but instead because they want to. You never know, you might want to hang out for a good time and end up having another argument. Sweetheart look to no one to make your days better but yourself. Never look to someone else to bring you joy for the true joy lies within. If you seek happiness from someone else then it will only last as long as the presence of that person, but if you choose to bring happiness to yourself, it'll last for as long as you live.

  • Well if he didn't reply, that means that he just read it and he chose to ignore it. Why, well because he is mad at you for some reason. He probably wants you to keep trying to talk to him, and play by his rules. So idk, because it seems like he just wants to take advantage of you with the sex thing ? because he said that he isn't ready to had out yet because of that. He might be trying to move on, and look at other options...other girls.

    • He ended up answering and he said he'd take me but just as friends. is there anything I can do to try and make him want to hook up with me again? I want him back. he told me he can't talk to me face to face because I will gain feelings back and he's not ok with that, I said no I think your the one that's scared and he never answred.. what does that mean? is that also why he wouldn't want to hang out? he said its because he will wnat to have sex with me but I want to have sex with him too!

    • Well it seems that he doesn't want to take the relationship any further. He knows how you feel about him, but yet he says he only wants to remain friends. He might not want to talk to you face to face because he doesn't want to get your hopes up, or give you the wrong message, that he wants to get back with you. Yeah he might be also scared of having those feelings come back to him. If you want him just for the sex thing, then idk. Maybe you guys can have a no-strings attached relationship.

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