Cheating ex upset we couldn't get married. Why?

Oct-Nov: I KNEW my Spanish boyfriend love me. I am a Pakistani girl by the way. Dec: My Spanish boyfriend like another Pakistani girl behind my back. He talk to her and flirted with her all behind my back. But he still stay with me. January: I was a horrible girlfriend I complain a lot. But my Spanish boyfriend still help me, supported me, but yet still talk to the girl and flirted with her behind my back. February: I told my Spanish boyfriend my Pakistani CULTURE does force marriage and honor killing if a force marriage is refuse. He broke up with me because he didn't want me dead and he was upset we couldn't get married in the future. Him being upset about not being able to get married was seen clearly on his face. But after he broke up with me I was sad and I didn't talk to him so I could heal from the breakup. The strange thing is he try to date the Pakistani girl. She comes from the same culture as me were force marriage takes place. But the girl had a Jamican boyfriend and he still try to date her. My boyfriend who now my ex was furious at me too because I did talk to him right after the break up. Did my boyfriend ever love me or was playing? Why was he mad I wouldn't talk to him? Why he was upset we couldn't get married because of my culture but yet try date another girl who follows my culture?
Cheating ex upset we couldn't get married. Why?
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