Is this girl into me or what?

I have a friend that lives two hours away, and we will hang out in social settings together when either of us come to town...She pokes at me on Fb and via texts daily...(What I consider to be playful flirting poking). She does about 75% of initiating contact throughout...

I have talked to numerous guy friends and they for the most part say that she's into me (however sometimes I think that it's wishful thinking on their parts)...

So come to find out that she has a boyfriend...A guy that I have met a couple of times now. Her sister says that he is an on again-off again boy friend that has been around for years...

I don't want to lose her as a friend because she is a kick to hang with, and I know that she feels the same way. But at the same time, I don't understand the flirting. What should I do? I mean just in general with this girl... Should I quit being that friend that she can flirt with and have a good time with as she seems to be using me (and I am allowing this) in a way that she doesn't get from her boyfriend?

There are a few girls on the horizon, and I feel like I might be missing out because I am into this one that just might not be into me...


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  • Why don't you talk to her? If she's a good friend then she will tell you her feelings for you.

    And if it's just a mistake and she's not into u, then you can stay friends as before.

    Only you know her personally, nobody here can tell you if she is into you or not.

    So ask her :)

    • This definitely the right simple answer... I'll do it...the worse that can happen is that she's not into me, and she's still an awesome friend...

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  • i can't speak for other girls, but I tend to only comment/message/poke the guys I like. I would check and see how into Facebook she is, though. if she doesn't do that to a lot of people, it's a really good sign.


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  • I like phenenna's answer. Sometimes, like in this case, the direct approach is best. And you're right, you shouldn't allow a girl to "play games" with your emotions, especially if there are other cool girls you might be missing out on.

    So keep her as a friend. But if I were you, I wouldn't pursue her for a relationship. The fact that 1) she has an on-off boyfriend, and 2) she's flirting with you, another guy, while she's "with" that boyfriend, are both red flags. Those are strong indicators of how she'd act if she were with you; she won't magically change overnight. She has some maturing to do when it comes to relationships. Best of luck.