What is your personality and would you want a mate with a similar personality?

This is mine
What is yours?
What is your partners? If you don't have one, what kind would you like your partner to have?
my partner has intp
I wished he had the same personality as mine, or very similar. I really hate that he has no desire for rules, no desire for check lists, and no understanding of feelings. I am coming to accept that this is so, but it still bothers me and I need some kind of different love if not from him from a close friend/family member but I'm very introverted. It's a problem. I can't open up to anyone, I can't trust anyone but him but he has no love to show me. He's just like a robot, focused on what he loves and makes him happy. He can't see why I have needs for him... why I have hurt feelings. It's so HARD. He is unreliable 99% of the time, most of the time he says yes he really means NO. He is lost in his own world... won over in his head that he is number 1.

what about you?
would you like to be with someone who only understands logic and not feelings?
who only goes with the flows and doesn't care about rules and important things that need to be done?

I realize I am stuck with this guy and he can't change.
What kind of personality would you choose? could you live with your opposite? Why?
yes I want a mate with a similar personality
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no, I want a mate with a different personality
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What is your personality and would you want a mate with a similar personality?
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