How bad is no kiss on a good first date?

So I went out with this girl on Sunday evening, met on OKC if that makes a difference. I had a bad headache all day for some reason as I occasionally get migraines but it was a first date and I didn't want to start off with a bad impression by rescheduling. I took a bunch of aspirin and it helped and the first several hours of the date were great, but by the end of the evening my headache was awful.

The end of the date wasn't bad considering I wasn't feeling well, but I'm sure she could tell something was off. When I dropped her off at her car I don't even know why but I decided not to kiss her. I've never not kissed a girl on a first date unless it was because the date didn't go well. I reached over to give her one of those side hugs and she looked at me and paused like she was confused, then she reached over with both hands, gave me a big hug, then sat back in her seat and then looked at me again with a blank expression, then said goodbye and got out of my car.

I was going to call her after Thanksgiving to ask her out again and I guess I'll know for sure then, but is no kiss going to make her think I'm not interested? I've been on bad dates where everyone knows the side hug is coming, but she was definitely caught completely off guard by it. How big of a deal is no first kiss on a good first date?
How bad is no kiss on a good first date?
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