Is it a turn off when girls choose to sugar/smooch off rich men? Aka when a girl gains sugar baby status?

So young college girls who attend school full time typically don't have time for both a part-time job and lack a social life. (Unless they make the time for special people and/or don't need to study for school etc)
Anyways, a lot of girls in their 20's don't like the guys our age... the guys our age are either busy trying to build a life (I don't want to take from guys who are trying to build their life, I believe they should save that for their wife), head over heels in love with a ho, wasting their time with drugs and/or slacking, a tool or lack motivation...
So a lot of us college girls (in Az) resort to older men who also don't have time to date but get straight to the point (where they provide for you and you both get to have sex)...

But after that, when I want to settle down... I think about what a potential partner would think of me...


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  • yes.


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  • Don't see too much wrong w it...


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  • The vast majority of guys will want nothing to do with a sugar baby, no matter what excuse you offer.

    And guys are not so stupid, we know many if not most girls in the mainstream US culture are Trump tramps. Why do you think most guys have so little respect for women in general in the US?

  • Of course it's a turn off lol, I would never date a girl like that.

  • Women only value a combination of 3 things in men ultimately.

    1. Looks
    2. Money
    3. Social status

    • And men ultimately value:
      1) Looks
      2) Lady in the streets, freak in the sheets.
      3) Sexual status (aka does she have kids, is she a virgin, is she a slut)

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    • I'm not? Where am i over generalizing? Obviously not all women are like that but you surely make yourself sound that way

    • Ditto 🙄

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