Should I cancel the date or not?

So I've been dating this girl for about 3 weeks now (met on tinder) and things are going well. We slept together on the second date and even went on a little one night getaway together by the beach. Anyway the girl is great, she checks most things off my list and she's so sweet which I love. However, I'm not really feeling the sparks and I think it's because I just recently got out of a relationship and I also don't find her that sexuality attractive even though she's a very pretty girl (I think this is because she has a different body shape than my ex which I'm not used to, she's petite while my ex was taller and curvy (not chubby curvy, actually curvy, D's small waist and a booty to boot, fuck I miss her body so much)).
Anyway, I was stoned a couple nights ago and was going through tinder mostly to perv out on the hotties. I super liked (you only get 1 super like a day) some classically beautiful girl (the girl is fucking gorgeous). 5 min later we match. She's the first super like girl I've matched with. We had a short 10min text convo and I asked her out for this weekend and she agreed. I don't know what to do now. I'm technically just dating the other girl, but she thinks I'm not seeing anyone else atm (true as of now) and I can tell that she's really into me. Is it wrong to go on a date or two with the new girl and take it from there?

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  • You're not exclusive with her so you're free to fuck anyone you want to.

  • If you don't like that girl very much you should stop seeing her.

    • I'm honestly 50/50 on her. That's what makes it hard. I love how sweet and caring she is and how she genuinely likes me. I also like that we share similar interests. However, I'm not that crazy attracted to her body and she's a huge introver while I'm an extrovert wih introvert tendencies.

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  • Oh wait. I voted see her. What I mean is cancel it. It's scandalous and disrespectful. Life is more important than getting a girl with a bomb ass. Girls come and go, but you're integrity is forever. You're honor dies with you, man. Keep that shit and hold it close. Don't play these bitches just because you can. That's tacky.

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      Theodorable for President 🐦
      I'd vote. ✔️

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    • dammit dude, why do you have to be right. Now I have to come to a tough decision. Break it off with the girl I've been seeing simply because she's petite and super introverted, even though she's super sweet and a lovely girl to be with, great girlfriend material and risk seeing the new girl who is fucking gorgeous and could possibly be even better but possibly bat shit crazy OR cancel the date and continue this girl who I loke but I'm not head over heals for. What would you do?

    • I would become snapchat friends with Tinder girl, and figure a good way to cancel the date for this weekend. Then in the coming week have a talk with the girl you're dating now, and see how things stand. Become social media friends with Tinder girl, but keep it friendly and get to know each other. Don't do anything drastic. Nothing wrong with having a heart to heart conversation with the petite girl. We're all fucked up and we've never learned how to talk to the women we're dating. There's a great quote I heard that goes "Too many options can kill a man." - I think that's true.