Should I introduce the guy I'm dating to my family on Christmas eve?

By the time Christmas rolls around, we will have been dating for 2 months. I have never seriously dated someone before so I don't know if this is too early or not. I just have to ask soon because he lives an hour away, his birthday is Christmas DAY, and I want to spend the holiday and his birthday with him but I'm not sure if he will want to meet my family? What should I do?

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  • Ask him if he would like it. He's not going to think weirdly about you. It's a simple, easy question. If he thinks it's too soon, you got your answer!


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  • If u two feel ur relationship is serious. I always present my boyfriend to my parents but that's because of my culture. I don't see that a lot here in the States unless the relationship is serious. It all depends on how u two feel and if u two are ready :)


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  • I think Christmas Eve is not the greatest time. First of all, 2 months of relationship is kind of early to introduce him to your family, in my opinion anyway. Second, there is a chance that they won't like him. You don't want your holiday ruined because of that

  • yes go for it