What problems will I face with this situation?

I am dating a 31 year old divorced father of two beautiful daughters. I am a 26 year old virgin whom has never been married nor have kids. Two serious relationships that has never worked out.

Will it be a challenge pleasing him sexually in bed since he has had at least 15 partners?

Please advice.


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  • How do you know he's had 15 partners? y'all sat around the dinner table and talked about his exes? ahahah

    you'll be fine. If he's dating you he's into you

    • We are at the point in the relationship where we're sharing intimate areas of our lives. Obviously he has had more experience with this part and I am here sitting completely clueless.

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    • Yes, as I have mentioned, I am.

    • sorry skimmed that part! So he's been dating you. He's completely into you and you are as well. So i don't see the problem. Yes you'll be unsure because of your lack of experience but that's extremely charming. And you can always ask , learn and read up on things. THAT was his past. You are his future. Embrace it And just run with that moment.

  • Are you still a virgin by choice? Does he know you're a virgin? Are you planning on losing your virginity soon? Have you masturbated before? Are you in tune with your own body? I've got too many questions here.