How to not be jelause?

Its good to be a little bit jelause cause to me jelausy shows that your gf/bf cares about you, That they are scared to loose you. Of coirse, there's different types of jelausy but the one im talking about is the one that makes you mad because she's flirting with someone or because you see her touching this guy too much or whatever, etc.

I used to not be a jelause boyfriend but because of my ex of 5 years she gsve me so many reasons to not trust her and she was very jelause and i guess that rubbed off on me. Now im a little bit jelause and i dont want to feel that way. I dont act on it but it kills me inside to see my girlfriend (if i had one) laughing and being silly wit a guy. I've had hook ups where we decide to be friends wit benefits but the moment she tells me about a guy i get angry.

So what can I do to go back to how i was? And not feel what i feel now.


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  • Well, she shouldn't be flirting with other guys or touching them "too much" anyway.


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