How do I approach him?

So this is kind of a follow up question to my previous one.

There's this boy and in elementary school he had the biggest crush on me but I never gave him a chance. He would always try to talk to me in school but I would make the conversation as short as possible. We ended up having some classes together in middle school. He moved away two summers ago.

I had heard that he was coming back but I always hear rumors of people coming back. I figured he wasn't coming back and if he was no big deal.

It was the first day of school and I was heading to my study hall period. I kind of sat distanced from everyone because none of my friends were in that study hall. Next thing I know he walks in the room and sits next to me. There's about 10 minutes of awkward silence. I figured it would be nice to catch up. So I turned to him and began talking. The conversation lasted about ten minutes.

After that I just kept thinking about him and our conversation. He switched out of that study hall because of a schedule change that switched everything.

However his locker is across from mine, I always find myself moving slower or faster depending on where he is. If he's still at his locker I'll move slower so I can walk next to him. We haven't spoken since the study hall other than a quick comment on instagram.

He's on the bowling team with my brother and they're becoming close friends.

I want to talk to him, I just don't know how to approach him. I think I would want to see where things went if I ever decided to talk to him. But who knows how he feels, I was so rude to him in elementary school.

How would you approach him?


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  • Sit close to him and ask him questions on topics he's interested in.