Why did black guys give us dirty looks?

im a black girl and my boyfriend is white. I'm with my boyfriend in the mall walking holding hands laughing, ya know. Couples thing. And we are teens, so we're walking and a group of black boys can't up to my boyfriend and was like "how'd you get her" then one got in my face and said "you betrayed your own kind" and they were saying I shouldn't be with my boyfriend because he's fat. He's 6'3 220lbs and has a gut. And they kept looking me up and down. I'm 5'3 big butt, skinny, medium boobs and we're harassing me. My boyfriend fixed that tho. Anyway after my boyfriend knocked the shit outta one and told them not to disrespect me again we kept walking and we were just given dirty looks.
Why did black guys give us dirty looks?
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