Ok girls, would you date a biker?

just wondering cause I am one ;)(motorcycle dude)

ok someone who has a motorcycle?


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  • i'm in a relationship with one..he's more responsible now, before he would challenge any other bikers to race him..now not anymore..at least that's what he told me..the first time he got in a bike accident I thought I almost lost him..it's scary and to answer your question..yes but I wouldn't want him to get too crazy with it

    • I don't have a crotch rocket, I have a dual sport bike realy different catagories.

    • Oooohh well the same really..the way I look at it is, if it makes him happy, support him...i always make sure I tell him to be careful if not I would feel extremely guilty if anything bad happen to him

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  • of course ! guys on motorcycles are sexy..

    especially when my dream is to learn how to ride.

    a motorcycle.

    but to answer the questions, yea becuz riding is daring and different.

  • yes I so would...bikers are sexy

  • depending if we stood on common ground, stereotypes aren't much to me x)

  • Two friends of mine died on motorcycles last year, and they were experts. Before that I would have said yes.

    • A few of my friends died in a car accident is that any different?

    • ...Right. You're honestly going to say a motorcycle isn't more dangerous than a car?

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