Kissing, what do you want?

so ladies, when you're making out with a guy who you are really intimate with (so like 5 years solid friendship and a year of dating not a drunk hookup) what do you like? where do you want our hands? do you want to talk? do you want to be in top or on bottom or side by side? but mainly the question is where's the best place to put our hands?

ps: is is rude to cup a girls butt in a passionate kiss when ur standing and pull her into u? or do girls like that?


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  • My boyfriend and I are against sexual activity. (as in, for u. we don't care if our friends do anything as long as they don't get hurt.) So his hands never go "out of bounds". I usually like them on my waist, back of my neck, or running along my sides. As for talking, I love it when he whispers I love you in my ear. I literally gasped the first time he did it. We don't make out laying down because we don't want to get into a bad situation. If we did, I'm pretty sure it would depend on my mood. If I wanted to take control of the kiss I would want to be on top. If I wanted my boyfriend to lead I'd want to be on bottom. Side by side I'm pretty sure I would like no matter what mood I was in, and if I felt like taking charge I could just flip onto.

    And for your PS: For me it would get my boyfriend slapped, unless he beat me to it and hit himself in the face. That is just the way we are. Some girls wouldn't mind. Make sure you know if it would make the girl upset before you try it. Asking before would be better then getting slapped.


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  • personally,

    i like it when a guy puts his hands on my back or hips. he's got to hold me tight, but not so I'm suffocating. his hands can roam a bit, it shows he's really into the kiss.

    as for the position, its either him on top or me on top, depending on who initiated the kiss. I don't really like the whole side-by-side thing. that's just not for me.

    he doesn't really need to talk, you can say something like I look nice tonight, girls always love compliments:but make sure you mean them.

    as for the actual kiss, I like slow kisses. wet, fast, kisses are a turnoff to me.

    and no I don't think its rude to hold a girls butt in a passionate kiss. it shows her that you're really hot for her. at least that's what id think of it as!

  • Considering one year of dating, hands can be anywhere down the back of me, not sure if I'm comfortable with the front just yet (that's personally though, it of course depends on what the girl is comfortable with). I like to be held tight but yet gently, and soft, short kisses. I also like it when a guy rubs his hand up and down my back while kissing. I take smiles as an indication that a guy is really happy to be with me and eye contact is great. Talking is good sometimes, but other times words aren't necessary, go with whatever feels appropriate at the moment.

  • -To be kissed with the intention of you never stopping.

    -Hands all over.

    -No talking needed if its hot and steamy.

    -I would say I would be on top=]

    -Ur hands around my waist and mine around ur neck.

    -the p.s don't get to rough.


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