Couple of questions... guys only answer please!

Does it mean something if the guy you are dating currently texts you good night every single night? Does this mean he is serious about you and wants something long term. Also, say you and your boyfriend were going to be away from one another during the summer. How can you make things more official so that your relationship continues while he is gone? What should the girl do in this case?


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  • it could mean something but generally it just means he is a sweet kind caring guy who wants to wish his girl a goodnight and as for the summer thing there isn't really an action you can do accept just trust him text him everyday and tell him you love him make sure he never forgets the wonderful girl he has

  • for the first question. I do that to my gf. just to let her know that I care and that I'm thinking of her. the other questions I don't know sorry :/

    but brainstorming here... I guess when theyre away just be sure to keep in touch with them. message them, send pictures, call, whatever.


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