Are these warning signs?

Hi all. So I've been in a serious relationship for two months now and my boyfriend is really sweet and always complimenting me, showing me off to his friends, telling me how great I am etc.

We talk at least once a day on the phone and suddenly I haven't heard back from him in two days. I texted and called him but nothing for two days now.

This is suspicious to me because before if he missed my call he would call back like not even two hours later and say he was wicked sry he missed my call and he felt bad. So this seems different.

I know it might seem smothering to talk at least once a day but we live an hour away and don't see each other as much as I would like right now so phone calls are our only option.

He's also been somewhat distant lately and I feel in my gut that something is not right.

Can anyone give me some advice on how to approach this and if these are any warning signs?


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  • Hi, so I am so curious, did you text one more time and did he respond? I did (like I said in my other answer) and he did respond. I was totally overthinking it like always and we ended up spending 4 amazing days/nights in a row together. I know people say, don't come to him, don't call or text anymore after the 1st, but sometimes you have to follow your heart. I don't think 10 texts in an hour are appropriate but that last text was the make or break moment for me. If the guy didn't respond to you, then his loss. Please post an update!

    • I sent him one. Nothing. He knew I was upset, he didn't text or call. Its been 4 days since the last text. I'm not in the relationship anymore.

      I'm really happy you got back together with your guy! Glad to hear it all worked out.

      And I understand what you said about overthinking it. I do it a lot too! haha

    • Sorry he didn't respond, he's not worth your time! You sent him the final text and now I say go out, have fun and get the man that makes YOU a priority! ;)

  • I am in the totally same position you are in right now with a guy I have been seeing almost a month. It's day 3 that I haven't heard from him so instead of obsessing over reasons with my phone glued to my hand, I text him one more time earlier today and just said I hope he's ok and I miss you. If no response after this, I am going on about my life. I think you should also wait one more day and if nothing, send him a friendly and flirty text one last time just to let him know you're thinking about him. The ball is then in his court. Whatever you do, don't call him out on why he hasn't called. It would seem clingy and needy. I felt resentful when I sent the text today, but also relieved. You shouldn't sit around and wait for him, make plans, have fun and if he never responds, it's his loss! Make him chase you, afterall you tried right? He'll probably call you by tomorrow. ;)

    • Thank you! I did send a text and then if I don't get a response or anything really then I am moving on. He obviously isn't as serious as I thought.

      Thank you! Sorry to hear that you were in the same position. You should def. go out and have fun etc. SO true!!

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