What should we do?What should we talk about?

There is this guy that I really like and he is coming over tomorrow and I am not sure what we should do or talk about. I mean we are going to watch a movie but that is not what we are going to be doing the whole time. So what should we talk about. Also he is going to meat my mom tomorrow and I am scared that she is going to embarrass me, no matter what I say I think she does it on purpose.


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  • A movie is a good idea, however talking about things you have in common could be a good idea as well. Such as music, pass times and things like that.

    If he is into video games, that's a great idea. Or listen to music. Just be sure to keep his attention. Sometimes it could be awkward and difficult. Be a good a host with things like soda and snack foods.

    Mothers are like that sweetheart, and sometimes guys do enjoy hearing things you wouldn't normally say. My Mother does it to this day and I`m twenty.

    Good luck.


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  • You can ask you mom to try really hard to not embarrass you, but she will probably do it anyways. I don't think that there is much you could do about that. You two can talk about things you like. Start out with small talk, or ask each other random questions. You two could also play games, or go for a walk. I always end up making a little small talk with the guys that I hang out with, and then we start talking about random things.

  • Step one: don't freak out.

    It doesn't do anything.

    Trust me.

    Step two: just be yourself!

    Talk about what both of you like: topics like music, sports, games, television, movies, books, and whatever else.

    Step three: moms will be moms.

    Yeah, parents (sometimes just mothers) like to embarrass us.

    If she does anything extremely embarrassing, see step one!

    Don't freak out.

    Best of luck!