Is it weird that I miss this guy who

I've been talking to a lot

mostly online but we have been on one date

and I haven't talked to him since

well I did on Wednesday but it wasn't for so long

and he has been gone on this school trip

but I miss him so much

is it weird cause we aren't official.


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  • I wouldn't call it weird, but I would call it too soon. Slow this down or you might be surprised by something you were not expecting. As girls we tend to read too much into the online talking and for us that does build a sensation that we really know the guy and that we like him. However, it is all about the real-time experience that actually builds something and you have been on one date so far.

    I suggest bringing yourself down from the clouds, putting your feet back on earth and waiting for a few more dates before you set your heart on him. Keep your eyes open and really get to know him before you consider whether he is the one for you.

    • Thank You so much

      youre ver right :D

    • Thanks. If you don't get any other answers that are more helpful, perhaps you would consider picking me as "Best Answer". Good luck!

  • what is so difficult about using punctuation?

    It's not weird. You weren't even close to being official. You were barely friends...definitely not close to anything more. You miss talking to him, it's normal

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