Girlfriend slept with another guy before we were boyfriend & girlfriend but a month after we started seeing each other. How to stop thinking and feeling hurt by it?

Girlfriend and I met online. After one month of chatting we decided to meet up and go on a date.
Following on from that date we talked everyday and met met up 5 or 6 times over the course of 6 weeks. After the 6 weeks we planned to sleep together on a Sunday night. That Sunday morning she cancelled saying something came up and she couldn't meet me. I didn't question it and said it was fine and that we could reschedule. She barely talked to me over the next few days which I found odd. I asked her then if she was still interested in seeing me to which she said she was. That following weekend we slept together and preceded to become boyfriend & girlfriend. 7 months on she revealed to me that she slept with a guy at a house party that Saturday night 7 months previous and that she was drunk and it had been random.

Logically I understand it was before we were exclusive but emotionally feeling hurt and can't stop thinking about it.


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  • I understand you are upset, I would be too. Not very nice from her for sure. I wouldn't personally date that kind of girl. But I wouldn't say she did anything wrong either.

    Imagine what you would do in her situation. Let's say you are seeing some girl on a same degree you were, and then there was an opportunity to have sex with another girl, would you? If the answer is yes, I think that should free yourself being hurt by it. If you wouldn't, then the only way would be to break up with her. Yea you could forget it, but it would always creep back in your mind.

    • Thanks for your thoughts. Putting myself in her shoes at the time I can of course understand the temptation. Looking back on it now thou hurts cause I was texting her that Saturday night looking forward to Sunday.
      As you say the thoughts are creeping but I want to put them away so I can move on.

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    • Thank you. Actually viewing it that way has made me feel a little bit better. Hopefully with time I'I'll put it behind me.

    • My pleasure! Awesome to hear. It will as long as you see it clearly.

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  • Dump her if it's bugging you that much

  • You were not exclusive so is not like she cheated on you. She is with you now.


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  • Forget it, she still wanted you. Most girls have had sex with other guys before, but if they then want to be with you, you should be content.

  • All right here is what you do, get some booze, go HAM for like 3 days then sprinkle some miricle grow on your groin area and maybe you can grow a pair.
    Jk im fuckin with you.
    You gotta ask yourself if you can live with it, if you dont think you can might have to beat feet if you feel betrayed it won't go away.

    • Got a laugh out of that and thanks for your opinion.

    • I had something similar in the way that i felt betrayed but the girl didn't technically cheat. The following 3 months was me trying to forget about it and make it work. It can't happen. Finally broke up with dat bitch.