What can I do to satisfy my feelings please?

Hello, I am attracted to a friend's sister. Nevertheless, I don't want to ask her out because I met this friend, and his sister at the same time.

I don't want my friend to believe that I used him to approach her. I am just developping feelings for her and keep thinking about her.

It is killing me inside, loneliness, sadness, and all negative feelings unfortunately.

Should I tell this friend what I feel? What if he told me not to date her? So confusing, and so tired physically aswell as mentally.

Looking forward to get your guidance, thank you.
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Kindly provide as much feedbacks as possible in this tough situation :(
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Ok guys thank you for the quality feedbacks received.

As an update, I asked his brother if his sister had a boyfriend. Then he told me no, so I said to him that I want to be honest/fair with you and from there I revealed him that I like his sister, and if he's cool if I date her. He told me that he doesn't mind, that he's cool with it and at the same time smiling I don't know why though lol.
What can I do to satisfy my feelings please?
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