What can I do to satisfy my feelings please?

Hello, I am attracted to a friend's sister. Nevertheless, I don't want to ask her out because I met this friend, and his sister at the same time.

I don't want my friend to believe that I used him to approach her. I am just developping feelings for her and keep thinking about her.

It is killing me inside, loneliness, sadness, and all negative feelings unfortunately.

Should I tell this friend what I feel? What if he told me not to date her? So confusing, and so tired physically aswell as mentally.

Looking forward to get your guidance, thank you.

Kindly provide as much feedbacks as possible in this tough situation :(
Ok guys thank you for the quality feedbacks received.

As an update, I asked his brother if his sister had a boyfriend. Then he told me no, so I said to him that I want to be honest/fair with you and from there I revealed him that I like his sister, and if he's cool if I date her. He told me that he doesn't mind, that he's cool with it and at the same time smiling I don't know why though lol.


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  • Yes, talk to your friend... say you are kinda into his sister... ask if he's cool with you dating her...

    • Thank you for your reply.

      I only hope to get the courage to tell him about my feelings.

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    • Alright, will try to do as you said. Thank you man :)

    • Welcome :)

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  • I think that if you don't want to hurt your guy friend, you should talk to your guy friend about it. And either way, if you do end up with her, you wouldn't want him to disapprove or create tension, so establish something clear right now. Maybe kind of ask his permission to ask her out?

    • Thank you for your answer. I've done it, and ended up in a positive way as you can see in the recent update I've made. Hoping that I am not wrong about my feelings and that it works out :)

  • My advice is dont approach her just yet. Talk to your friend get his advice. If you dont do that, and end up asking her out your friend will find out. If you dont want him thinking you used him to get to her, spend the weekends with her and weekdays with him. Or even one day with him. One dyay with her. But dont spend more time with her then your friend. Keep it leveled out.

    • Thank you for your feedback. Kindly read the recent update that I wrote in order to know what is the actual situation 😉

  • I think you should be a bro and tell your friend that you're interested in his sister. I mean, imagine if the roles were reversed. You'd definitely want to know something like that. If you explain to him that your feelings are genuine and you're not just looking to hook up with her, he will probably understand. Good luck.

    • Thank you for your feedback. Yesterday, we were with a bunch of friends and his sister was among them. I felt like the girl was close to one guy person, so I thought it might be her boyfriend.

      Then, I asked his brother if it was her boyfriend. He told me that it is not. So, I assumed that maybe she knows him more than the rest of us, after all it has only been 2 weeks that I met this girl if I remember well.

      I told his brother that I like his sister, and that if he's ok if I date her. He replied that he's cool with it and smiling.

      As an unexperienced person I would like to ask you a question about something happenned yesterday though:

      Before leaving, the girl which I'm attracted to said "you are cool", I didn't heard it first. So I asked her to repeat what she said and told me again "you're cool". I replied not as much as you are.

    • I don't know if it was the right way to answer, and if she was giving a hint to ask her out. I am sure that the brother didn't tell her anything about my feelings since it was before leaving that I told him everything and she was far from us.

      Looking forward to what you think of this situation, as having difficulties to understand women. Thank you :)

    • That was the right way to answer. Your response was perfectly appropriate. Next time you see her, try asking her out.

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