Guys, what do you think about online dating?

Well, there are lots of online dating website, but, have you met anyone for serious relationship and meet them in real? And what happened in the end?

And one more question, have you met any Chinese girls online? How are they? Do you really like them?

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I know, so much question, you don't have too answer all.



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  • Online dating have very very little success rate. Other than that it for one nighters if you live close but torture when you live far. When I was looking for a serious relationship I had no luck though I did chatted up with Asians they seem uninterested for real. I don't know why. Asians are okay to talk to but often more than times it's the Asian Americans that's 100 x's better. But is ghetto and that becomes a turn off. To a large portion of me love Asians but then it's like your putting for more effort if you wish to get know one. Any more questions ask away, also I'll check out your website.

    • Seems like, u know some of Asian girls, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, which one you prefer, why?

    • I ran into vietnamese, philipino, and Korean. i love Japanese a bit more than Koreans cause Japanese girls are taught how be more respectful than Koreans and there view on things is understandable much like education, money, health and etc.

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  • I think it's bullshit, I have never been on an online dating site, but I think it's not a good idea, you can't know the person you are talking to, it's full of lies.

    • Well, guessing someone broke your heart b4 online?

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    • Ah.. Right

    • Thanks for MHO

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  • I guess every date websites were messed up by them.
    Nowadays they always want compensated dating after few words
    Perhaps, It is men behind those girls pictures but there are many girls behind them in the end.
    So I dont join in date website anymore.

    • Well, I was on some website, the one way to make sure they are not fake is Skype, lol

  • i met three girls off okcupid... i had sex with all of them on the firstdate but only one lead to something more

    • That's...

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    • lol, try my website, you may meet someone for real

    • your website? pm me

  • I stopped doing it cause women i was attracted to wouldn't reply to my messages


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  • Well, it depends on who you met

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