Guys, Why does he text me all the time but never asks me out?

There a guy that I like that is been doing work on my property for a few months (I have a farm and he has a tractor). We both own homes, have full time jobs, and college educations. This guy really ticks all the necessary boxes I've been looking for, so I've tried to be extra friendly with him. We are at the point where he doesn't really charge me for the tractor work and he will text me nonstop about random, trivial, fun things at any time of the day. But he has yet to ask me out.

I have casually asked him to stick around after working or to just come over to hang out, but the subject seems to get changed, and he really hasn't followed through with that. Now, there's a good chance I'm not clear enough that I actually want him to hang out and am not just being silly, but I'm to nervous to be more direct. What is this? Is it possibly for a guy to be too nervous to talk to ask a girl out that he likes? Or is he just stinging me along but doesn't see me as a girl he could date?

Last little detail is that there is a bit of an age gap; I'm 26, he's 35. But my closest friends and family do not believe that matters, especially because we both are already pretty well established in life with educations, jobs, etc. Is it possibly that the age gap concerns him? Thoughts and advice much appreciated!
Guys, Why does he text me all the time but never asks me out?
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