How long should I wait to call?

So my girlfriend is depressed and she mentioned a couple days ago how it's nice when her friends call her to check if she's okay especially since the past week has been extremely rough. so I just left on vacation today should I call tonight or wait until tomorrow?

And not sure if this changes anything but she and i hungout the night before I left


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  • Tonight. You probably shouldn't have even left it a couple of days. (I'm assuming that's when you last spoke.) When she tells you she is having a tough time, this is when you should be extra attentive. Get in touch at least once a day, I realise it may be difficult if you're on holiday abroad, but she will really appreciate it.

    If you don't, she will start to think of you as an uncaring arsehole.


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  • Call her tonight. She will appreciate it.


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