Text her or don't Text her after she cancelled second date?

Ok so I meet this lass on a date and it all goes really well. Great chemestry and kissking and ends with us setting another date in which she says she's free Saturday.

I receive a text back the next morning saying that Saturday would be hard pushed after a wedding and her cake business making week, so she mentioned Sunday instead so I said ok.
A day goes by when I get another message saying that she would have to cancel Sunday and is sorry but is really busy and hectic trying to get 4 cakes made in one week and that she also had to get ready for a job interview the following Tuesday. I responded with that’s ok; “we can re-schedule for another time and to let me know when you’re free”.

I get a few more responses with a thank you for understanding and that she promised to text to arrange a date once her interview on Tuesday and cakes were done and makes a few jokes before finally saying have a good weekend. There were a lot of kisses in the message and the message seemed to have decent reason and apology but there also seemed to be to many excuses as well.

At that point there was no more reason to message with questions so I responded with a hope the job goes well and that I hoped her cakes were done in time and to not worry about the Sunday as we can reschedule when she was free. I responded to her jokes and then said that I hope she had a good time a the weddng and left it there.

So 6 days have gone by and no message to re-schedule. At this point my gut feeling is telling me that I’ve done what I could have done and not to message again as she cancelled and I was the last to message without any response.

I’m happy to send another message, however the above mentioned feels like a bail out card and to send another message seems pointless and desperate.

So what do you think? I am disappointed as I liked this lass and in the game of dating if two people like each other they will let each other know?
Text her or don't Text her after she cancelled second date?
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