Should I write him off? Or does he get to have another chance?

>We aren't really dating, just a flirting at parties
>We went to the same party last Saturday, he was there with another girl
>I'm pretty aware we're no couple, but it still hurt me since he knew I was there. I may be catching feelings
>He tried to start conversation after that ("so you were there at the party?/did you enjoy it?") & gives me a big smile whenever we see each other

Should I write him off? Is there a chance he's still interested even though he ignored me there and went for another girl?

Anyone else?
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  • not a couple or dating than what


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  • It appears to me he's just being friendly and flirty. It doesn't necessarily mean he's interested in pursuing you or dating you.

    Wait until he shows more signs of interest before you build your hopes up too much. I just wouldn't bother pursuing him considering he seemed more interested in another girl


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  • He's still interested, but it's pretty clear that it won't be anything serious.

  • Are you OK with the fact that he'll be seeing other girls?

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