How do I keep his interest in me going?

Well, there's this guy I've known for 4 months. We were on the same sports team, and in the last day of the season, he started to act very touchy feely towards me and calling me cute nick names. I knew he was interested in me, but I wasn't sure if i was interested in him. That same night we texted eachother and had a really good convo. We continued to text EVERYDAY after that. the more we talked, the more i was growing interest in him. After like the third day of texting, we both confessed that we like each other, and started calling each other "babe" . We go to the same school but different campuses. And We tried to meet up a couple of times but due to mis Communication we couldn't. So the only way we talk to each other is through texting. We both confessed how our feelings are growing for eachother, but we both feel we need to meet face to face again instead of getting to know each other through texting. Lately, our conversations have been kinda dull and boring, and I don't want him to lose interest in me. So i was wondering. How do i keep the excitement going? Just up until we can actually talk face to face again anyways.
How do I keep his interest in me going?
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