Does my girlfriend still love me or is she faking it?

We were forced to move in with her parents due to money issues. It's been a year now.
She talks to me a lot less now. And she doesn't want sex anymore often than once a month.


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  • she lost respect and doesn't feel you can protect her

    • Yep. You're exactly right.

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    • so you both are just not feeling good about yourselves right now. that can really affect sexual drive for a woman. I take back what I said about her losing respect. this is a different scenario and not necessarily your own personal issue but a more global issue you are both facing. I feel for you.

    • I think you were still spot on the first time because she felt bad at first then did a complete 180 and blame shifted it all on me. I went through a job transition and was tight on money for a while after we had to move into her parents. Then For some reason she felt like I was holding her back from all her life dreams.
      I just couldn't keep living with all that unfair judgement.
      I feel like she used the situation to push me away so she could be single again.

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  • Despite all of the feminism indoctrination and propaganda, many women expect a man to be the bread winner for the family. They think about having children, staying at home with them while daddy does to work and then brings home his paycheck.

    Maybe she is disillusioned or disappointed with you because her vision of the future is now much gloomier. You are living with her parents and she may be feeling embarrassed about having chosen you as The One. And. . . maybe she doesn't want mommy and daddy to hear her moaning when you slip her the sausage!


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  • It can be frustrating to live together. Why don't you talk to her about it?


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  • She obviously thinks of you as an ATM and if you don't have a bunch of money, she won't want you as much. If she acts that way, then she only ever loved the money, not you. Get rid of her. You especially don't want to have a family (kids) with someone that only cares about themselves and greed.
    People like that are terrible and don't have loyalty. When someone with more money comes along, she will either cheat or leave anyways.