Why Did He Introduce Me to His Family so quickly?

So I have been seeing this guy for almost 3 weeks and yesterday he randomly invited me to dinner at his parent's house with only 2 hours notice before!

I felt uncomfortable about the situation since I thought it was a little sudden and last minute, but he basically begged me to go and said "I want my dad to meet you."

We got to dinner and I don't even think his mom knew I was coming because she seemed confused, yet was still nice to me. The dinner consisted of me, him, his parents, and his two brothers and sister-in-law. It was nice, but slightly uncomfortable since the parents didn't really try to get to know me.

Something about this guy seems off, and I can't help but think that he is using me to look good in front of his parents. Do you think it's weird that he brought me to dinner?

Also, we have been spending a lot of time together but have not defined our relationship as exclusive, etc.


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  • I can't tell if he's using you, you have to give more info on that. As for him taking you to his parents house, yes it's kind of early and too sudden. But some guys tend to move a little faster than others. Why don't you ask him where you're at in the relationship stage. Openly communicate with him and he may respond well. You never know until you ask.

    • I asked him where we were at and he said we were "just hanging out". Those were his exact words, so when I asked him if we were exclusive/dating, he said he "didn't want to rush things yet". Now I'm finding out that him and his father have had issues for a while (linked to his drug addiction) and I really think that he just wanted to show his parents that he can bring home an attractive/smart/nice girl (not trying to brag here but parents usually like me).

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  • Yeah I think that he should of gave you a warning. And it doesn't sound like he talked to his parents about you. Maybe thats why they were so confused about you. Or maybe it could of been that he was dating someone else and the parents really liked the other female that he was dating.

  • Did the guy at least talk about you in front of his parents or was the whole thing an awkward get together?

    • It was a pretty awkward dinner. There were a few words exchanged and I talked a bit, but the parents didn't seem interested in getting to know me and didn't seem interested in talking to the guy either.

    • How strange.. Well, I don't think he invited you to impress his parents, especially since they didn't seem to know anything about you and weren't interested, nor did he talk a lot about you as an introduction. I think he may come from a weird family situation and might not realize what's normal. He may not have wanted to be stuck at the dinner alone with the fam. There could be many reasons, but none of them seem normal. If you really like the guy you can continue to date him, but keep in mind that his family is at least not regular, and you'll be stuck dealing with that if you do carry on with him :/