How to tell your parents you have a boyfriend?

Okay so I'm 13 and my crush of 2 years asked me out and I said yes.. now how do I break the news to my mom? I'm scared she'll ground me and take away my phone :/

Im almost 14 :/
I told my mom, she says she thinks I'm making a mistake and that I'm too young but we will talk about it later.


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  • If you are only 13 you should defiantly tell your parents your dating someone. Just so you can have their support. I'm not sure how strict your parents are but I think if they get to meet him and know him they will be okay with it. Tell them you and this boy have been hanging out and you'd really like them to meet him and if you can invite him over for dinner. And even if they do get mad, as long as you remain calm and try to involve them they should come around.


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  • Tell her that there is a boy who you would like to invite over for dinner. If your mom meets him and approves of him, she is more inclined to be receptive to your situation.

    However, I must ask: why do you want a boyfriend at age 13?

    • Well I'm almost 14, and I like him.

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    • I turn 14 next month.
      I like to spend time with him because he has a brilliant sense of humour and his personality is great.

    • You can spend time with him without being boyfriend/girlfriend, right? So there is probably something more that you want?

  • Tell them you're pregnant and you're naming the baby Chico brah


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  • "Mum, dad, I'm pregnant."

    I wouldn't say you're dating, given what you said, but whatever.