What am I missing?

Time after time I've fallen hard for guys or gotten crushes and every single time the guy has rejected me. I'm friends with everyone and I'm generally a pretty likable, friendly person. I've gotten pretty used to it but I guess it's just starting to get to me to see my friends and family pair up and have fun while I pretend that it doesn't bother me. And it's getting harder and harder to be happy for others when they have all I want right now. I'm just left wondering what it is that makes every girl datable that I seem to be missing.


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  • Why don't you work to achieve things you want? Instead you are being envy of those around you who have achieved it already.

    • That's the problem, I've tried everything I can and nothing has worked.

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    • The problem is that everyone around me is getting everything I want in a relationship and no matter what I try nothing helps me get what I want.

    • Okay at least you know what you want. Look tbh i am generalizing a bit now but bare with me. Guys in their teens just want to stick it in, they don't think a lot about relationship. My advice would be try to read something that will improve your communication skills. You will need that for any relationship. Hell even for an everyday communication. As far as your envy goes, i don't know i struggle with that shit on my own...

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  • A lot of people go through that. You're still young, you will eventually find someone. Are there things that you do not like about yourself? If yes, you should work on them.

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