Is it bad to expect a lot in a relationship?

I'm curious...

The past 3 guys I've put myself emotionally in all left me saying I expected too much.

Honestly maybe I do, but I have a HIGH patience level. I tolerate A LOT.

Sometimes I can get annoying with like maybe texting or talking on the phone but I know when to back off when I'm being too much. Is it wrong to expect too much in a relationship or should you if you're investing time and your body to someone? I know I'm not married to the person but I refuse to be treated like a toy as well.

For example: My ex and I dated for a month. He dumped me twice within the 2 months I've known him. He stopped taking me on dates after asking me to be his girlfriend and stopped texting and talking on the phone with me as much as he did when we were "dating". We used to fall asleep on the phone sometimes and just text during the day. He never picked me up for dates either. Is that considered asking too much if you want your bf/ girlfriend to continue doing the lovey stuff in the beginning? I understand a year later that may be too much but its like the cute stuff died down fast and I got bored/sad/insecure.
I expect a lot in the beginning of the relationship ( 1 month- 6 months)
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I dont expect a lot in the beginning
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I expect a lot later in the relationship ( 1 year + dating)
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Is it bad to expect a lot in a relationship?
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