Should I keep trying for her?

Right I was seeing this girl 3 years ago, I blew her off to get with this better looking girl, I was an immature idiot and I soon realised I'd made a mistake, I ended up staying with girl number 2 for 2 years so a year ago pretty much straight after I broke up with my ex the girl I was seeing before her randomly started talking to me again, but I'd just come out of a relationship and I explained to her I wasn't ready and I needed time and such I was also in and out of hospital at the time which she understood and I didn't talk to her again up until 3 weeks ago, now I'm a semi professional musician I sing and play acoustic guitar, and she is a semi professional singer and we've both agreed on writing some songs together and performing together and she keeps saying how excited she is to start writing songs with me again and were getting on like we used to, we've settled our differences and yano I've apologised and everything you'd expect, truthfully I liked her from the start, I've been a proper idiot but she messaged me the other night saying 'if you didn't leave me for her I reckon we'd still be together now' I think she's got the idea that I'm trying to salvage things but every time I suggest meeting up with her she'll agree and then the day before she'll drop out and say she's been asked to work, or she has to baby sit her nephew this is the second week its happened and I've wasted 2 weekends now chasing her, my question is really,
Am I being played at my own game, is she giving me a taste of my own medicine? Is she playing hard to get so she doesn't get hurt again?
Or is she genuinely just not interested?

I know and fully understand I've been a idiot I was 17 at the time I've just turned 21 and got my own house and car I've grown up considerably and I'm getting the impression she's interested but I just can't tell, my mates are telling me not to bother with her but I've always had this thing for her and she knows I'd drop everything for an hour with her.
Should I keep trying for her?
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