I can't work out whether he likes me or not! Should I just give up on him?

So I've liked the same guy for about 3 years and a while ago he found out because someone told him and also because I went up to him in a club and told him I thought he was hot or something. (Which I forgot about, but apparently he told his friends that I told him I liked him which I didn't! So that was made up) anyway I've liked him for a while and stuff but even tho he knows he hasn't done anything about it. We're both at different universities now and we don't see each other a lot, not until the holidays at least when I might see him out. But anyway I was really drunk and after like 3 months of not seeing him around etc (because we don't talk) I messaged him on Instagram and started sending him loads of hearts on DM. He replied like instantly saying 'Thanks' and I was like wtf he's being so blunt? Then we were just sending random emojis and one word things but it was really blunt and stuff nothing of it. This was around 3am. So I left it then the next morning at about 11am he DM'd me a red love heart completely out of the blue? I don't wanna read into it but I just need opinions on what he thinks of me or if he's trying to play me around because he knows I like him. Because he hasn't made an effort to speak to me at all even though he knew I liked him all this time!! (PS he likes my photos a lot on Instagram)


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  • I do not think he's that interested in you. If he was, he would have made an effort to talk to you.

    • True. Why do u think he likes my pictures and sends me hearts but doesn't talk to me! It's stressing me out

    • Well, do you like his pictures? Maybe he's doing so in order to reciprocate.

    • Sometimes, yeah maybe that's it. I just need to get over him I think

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