Do you think this is a sign of fate?

Okay, so there is this dude who's kinda new. He's worked about a month with me, and he's freaking adorable. Like I'll admit I have a crush on him. He's just super funny and nice, and just genuinely a good person.

Now a few days ago, I don't know WHY I thought this. But I was talking to my friend, and literally out of no where I was just like "I wanna meet someone who can juggle. Like I'd marry someone if they could juggle." Which Is the most random thing to think just ever.

Today we did our "black friday" at the store we work at. But before the sales started, it was SUPER slow. We couldn't get a customer if we begged. But at the same time, they stationed us at one register for the day and had a few people just scheduled to keep doing breaks. So me and this new dude we at registers by each other for HOURS doing almost nothing but talking and trying to LOOK busy. Then we got kinda quiet for a little. In front of our registers was a big bin of little thin blankets for sale. Silently, he just kinda randomly walked over to it, got three of the blankets, handed me one, and was like "Toss this to me". SO I tossed the one, and all of a sudden he was juggling. MY MIND WAS FREAKING BLOWN! I had a customer stop by my register as he was doing this, but I refused to stop watching, I was just standing there grinning and clapping I was so happy. The customer was pretty amazed too, like she didn't seem to mind my not helping her right away either because she was like "This boy is just juggling".

BUT HOW CRAZY IS THAT? I SAY I wanna just marry someone who can juggle, then the dude I like just starts juggling out of no where. FATE?

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  • Haha that's a cute story. I wish I had that.

    • WHAT ARE THE ODDS THOUGH 😂 And I'm still amazed he can even juggle.

    • And then I was like "That makes me so happy!" Like I just couldn't keep it in, and he looked at me and was like "wait really?" Like he couldn't believe it was so impressive to me

  • Definitely sounds like a sign to me.