What are his real intentions?

There is this guy in my class that started hitting on me. First he was just texting, then he invited to a group outing where we ended up kissing and since then he has invited me to a baseball game, eat lunch and brought me a mcflurry home. I know that from that it may seem like something serious but everytime we are alone in the car and start kissing he tends to get to touchy ( I'm a virgin) so I don't know if he just wants something physical or something more serious. Today we were at a party and he would always stand next to me, if I was sitting in a sofa he would either stand near it or seat there but then when he took me home he wouldn't even ask for a peck (which he usually do)

Maybe is an obvious answer but whenever I'm with him I get a werid feeling that something is not completely right... maybe its just that I'm not into him that much or that maybe his intentions are different. What do you think?
What are his real intentions?
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