Nervous about my potential first relationship. Thoughts and advice?

I'm 17, never dated a guy before, mostly because I was very shy growing up and had hard time talking to guys. However, there's this guy in my homeroom and we're friends but things seem different lately. He's the first guy I've ever been comfortable talking to. We have great conversations, I like being around himZ He's been walking me after class, and I notice him "accidentally" touch me a lot and being closer than normal. He talk about plans to go hiking, movies, etc and I always say that'd be fun but we never actually make plans happen, mostly because I'm scared to show I like him.

I decided to dm him one day and had a really great conversation, he did the same a few days later checking on a concert I went to saying how he should've gone but nothing about "us". Since we've never talked outside of school, I'm curious to how he will act when we go back from break on Monday like if things will be different between us.

My friend called him out one day in front of me about how he told her I was pretty which I just laughed at but then he responded "because you are" and laughed it off. Then my friend called me out by telling him "she still hasn't been on a date, had a boyfriend, or been kissed" and he seemed shocked and told me "you're joking" and told me how many he's had. Sometimes he'll show me a pic of a cute girl that followed him or likes them but it almost feels like it's his way of figuring out if I'm bothered by it which I never show it if it does. Kind of embarrised me because I can't relate to those experiences. Feels like I'm the only one even though I know I'm not.

Ever since we messaged each other I feel like it's become a little more obvious to both of us, maybe I'm wrong. It makes me kind of excited but nervous because I don't know what to expect and I don't want to mess up. He's seems like such a pro at it all. I really like him though and I want to see what could happen but so scared to say it even though I think he's there too. Thoughts and advice?
Nervous about my potential first relationship. Thoughts and advice?
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