A lot of transgender woman turned out to be lesbian. Any opinion?

They chase each other. Any thought?


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  • Transgender doesn't mean homosexuality

    • If they think that they are woman and in love with other women that's homosexuality

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    • So if he become a woman and love other women she is still straight? Hahhaha

    • No. Transgender means they feel like the opposite sex. From the very beginning. They lean more into playing with their opposite gender's toy and look up to their father and mother respectively. (Like u know how daughters dress as their mothers and sons act like their fathers). Homosexuality means that they still wanna be their gender. Meaning a lesbian still wants to be a woman and likes to be a woman, but she is just attracted to other woman. For some homosexuality this starts during puberty.

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  • Ok so by transgender "woman" you mean a man who altered his body, right? Therefore, they can't be lesbians if they chase other real/biological women. If they chase other transgender "women", ie - other men with dysphoria disorder, then that actually makes them gay, even though physically they have a man-made vagina.

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