Girls, Why won't girls who are friends connect me with their single friends?

I don't understand it's constantly a problem is it just people like seeing me single or do they take me as a joke and won't tell me



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  • - because you're not as close as you think you are to your female friends
    - they don't know you want them to introduce you to their friends
    - they think you're taken because they're not that close to you
    - they don't have any single friends
    - you haven't asked them to introduce you to their single friends

    • Yeah it seems contradictory they call me a good guy but don't wanna connect me

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    • Is that only because they haven't introduced to you their single friends or have they actually told you they're not going to introduce you to them? Do they know you want them to introduce you to heir friends?

    • Thanks for MHO

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  • Ha, girls don't want to put their girlfriends in relationships. Insecure and immature girls (which is a lot of girls) may not want to date you but they don't want to present you to other girls and see if they like you or you like them because it makes them reflect on their own relationship status and if they're insecure that's uncomfortable, so they just avoid that altogether.

    • Well I'm not attracted to this girl so I asked if she had any single friends and she goes yeah but she never told the girl about me.

      A couple months later a girl started working at my work and I became attracted to her well once I found out she had a boyfriend kinda had to fight them feelings so I asked if she had any single friends and she also refused to hook me up and once again in her words I was a really nice guy now the difference with this girl is that she flirts a lot and even got into sexually explicit conversations with me

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    • That's kinda of messed up

    • As I said, insecure and immature women do it. She may not even be emotionally aware of why she behaves that way.

  • you should try and ask them why

    • Yeah it's like they don't wanna date me and won't hook me up with their friends but in their words I'm a good guy

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