What are some sweet/sexy things a girl or guy has done to you?

What turns you on or makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?

Like ke a girl hugging you from behind for example might make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. Or it turns you on when she says "I want you inside me" or kisses your ears and neck or scratches your back

somehing said or done that you love, and that can either make you feel cozy and loving, or turns you on :)


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  • Aw man! Ok before she hated me...

    She would wake me up with her "good morning love" text that would just start my day out great you know. And if she's at work she's just texting me or snap chatting me any free time she would get.

    If she made an aisle look near and pretty or she got a drink we bit liked at McDonald's or a weird interesting customer, she had to share it with me.

    Then there's the surprise hugs from behind or always having to say goodbye or hi if we were scheduled together at work on different shifts. We'd sneak over to see each other.

    The constant I love you's out of nowhere. Watching a movie she'd lean her head on my shoulder and say I love you, or going to an interview she'd say omg I'm so nervous, I love you kapa like she was about to die haha.

    Sharing drinks, feeding me her food after she'd take a bite. I can list a ton and go on forever haha.

    I miss all that mannnnn 😌😔🙃


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  • He bought me chocolate at 3 in the morning.


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  • She cooked for me and she had her mother make me a handmade pillow for the couch with my initials on it

  • Bites my lip when making out. Hard, but not so much that it hurts.
    Scratching and running hands over my back, neck, shoulders etc., basically the body.

  • when i see good looking girls or hot girls in camps or street
    i feel warm and fuzzy inside
    but till now no one has hug or kiss me yet or hold my hads tightly


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