Guys, what are you thinking on a first date?

What are you thinking leading up to and then on a first date? How nervous do you get? What do you expect from a girl on the first date? What are you feeling? Can a girl make a guy more comfortable on a first date somehow?

Bite to eat and then going on a hike (both love the outdoors).
Not a tough hike, more like a walk in the park.


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  • My thoughts before the date is
    How much money I should bring?
    What small gifts I should give her?
    I hope she likes amour first date.
    I hope she's not a waste of time.

    Leading up to the date.
    What to say to her that won't ruin the mood?
    She looks really cute in that outfit.
    Nice she's talking about herself, love it. Now to taaaaaaake notes.
    What other future plans shall I have in store?

    What do I expect her to be well dressed,
    Hear what I have to say and have respect,
    Know the basic rules of dating, no phones, don't act immature, etc
    Lastly I expect her to go 50/50.

    The best way I handle nervousness is think what am I nervous for and ignore it.


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  • They are simply looking forward to having a fun time.


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  • Lots of Qs. ok here we go.
    -Various stuff
    -A lot
    -To like me.
    -Mostly nervous but also excited.
    -Yes. By telling him she like him and that he should relax.

    • Awesome. So just being really straightforward with him telling if not to worry how your easy to please?

    • I dont understand.

  • I am shitting myself, but I start to relax more.
    Depends on what kind of date it is.

    • Bite to eat and then a walk in a park. What about physical contact? Would you give a hug hello if you never met them in person before?

    • The first meet is awkward as hell. You most likely won't hug, unless you go in for it, or he is just that type of guy. If you both enjoy yourselves, exchanging hugs etc. will occur at the end.
      Sounds like a pretty chill date.

    • Okay, thanks! :)

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