What is an appropriate way to deal with my boyfriend's female friend?

My boyfriend has this female co-worker, who I have grown to feel uncomfortable with.

A few weeks ago, I met her while at his work (he works at a bar.) and we had drinks together. I wasn't sure of my impression of her then. At the time she seemed like a nice person. Then a week or so later, my boyfriend lied about who he was hanging out with one afternoon -- her. He thought that it wasn't relevant to tell me who he was hanging out with. To me, because he kept that information casually out, that he was hiding something from me. So it's been about two weeks since then, and my comfort level with him has dropped significantly.

I've told him to just be honest with me about who he is hanging out with -- but honestly, thats not helping me either. Anytime he mentions her, or her name pops up on his phone, or even when she likes something of his on facebook, I get insecure and I get really sad.

She's asked me to hang out a few times one on one -- but honestly, I don't want to.

My boyfriend says, "just trust me, trust that there is nothing going on between us, and trust that I would get myself out if she tried something" still though, that first lie is all I can think of. We haven't had any heated arguments about the topic either -- but it's been the number one discussion between us for the last few weeks. As of right now, It feels like its ruining our relationship. I hardly feel like seeing him, or hardly have the urge to kiss or hug him.

How can I deal with this female friend appropriately? I don't want to be THAT girlfriend who tells her boyfriend to not see his female friends.
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I think its more so the lie that I am trying to get over.
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Seems like the thing to do would be to really get to know her. I accepted her invitation to hang out so we'll see what happens!
What is an appropriate way to deal with my boyfriend's female friend?
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