Who else likes it when they partner are the same height?

My girlfriend and I are the same height, we're both 5'10. She's obviously tall for a girl and I wouldn't want her any shorter or taller. I love that I can stand and look her straight ahead right in the eye.


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  • My husband is about 3 inches shorter than me. (He's still about 5'11"... I'm just a giant skyscraper of a woman.)

    I LOVE our heights. Love 'em love 'em love 'em.

    Because reasons:

    • His raw sexual and physical dominance over me is... more REAL, that way.
    Like... imagine the opposite situation, with a man who's a foot taller than his woman and weighs twice what she does. Sure he's probably going to be physically "dominant" over her... but, like, just lol. How are they gna play rough together? How is she going to get feisty enough to GIVE him something to overpower and conquer? Honestly, with *that* kind of disparity, I can't help but think physical dominance would almost start to feel like bullying. (If two people with those heights fall in love -- and lust -- then of course they should make it work... but, yeah.)
    My man has ALWAYS *owned* me. And everyone knows it, everywhere we go, even though I'm a whole head taller than him when I'm wearing heels.

    • He has a ridiculously hot body.
    Ok, so, sexually, I'm like an animal. Body >>>> face, for me. (Sometimes I forget my man even HAS a face... ahah)
    I like boys with hot bodies that are compact and POWERFUL. Like, a street scrapper's body, with a little bit of extra muscle from throwing heavy things around.
    Boys who are taller than me... just don't have that. If they're as lean as I like 'em, they usually start to look too lanky and stringy. (I know... Picky bitch.)

    • Our height difference is GREAT for fucking, too.
    Wrote a whole bunch about that here:

    Oh yeah.


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  • I wouldn't mind it


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  • I actually wouldn't mind it.

  • It's alright, nothing badd with it
    Especially when hugging I guess/ it is kinda cute

  • I don't like it cause I'm too short but if I were your height I wouldn't mind


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