Does texting frequency really even matter?

I don't get why people get so worked up in texting every single day or "omg he/she hasn't messaged me in 2 days... something is wrong! They aren't interested!" Etc. I've found for myself that the men who text me every single day with those stupid classic messages "good morning beautiful, what are you up to today, how's it going, etc" were the biggest players I have met. It's like they think texting a woman is as water is to a plant, and it'll get them some end result by doing so and following some formula of texting this and that when. My friend is who very extroverted texts her boyfriend multiple times a day. I don't really get it. Im super introverted and I hate messaging so I'm good with messaging my man like twice a week, and it isn't because I'm not interested.. it's just I hate small talk. Don't you think texting frequency is BS and not correlated to interest level?
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Does texting frequency really even matter?
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